Hani was an 'exceptional father'

Chris Hani's youngest daughter Lindiwe paid a moving tribute to her late father in Boksburg.

The late leader of the South African Communist Party, Chris Hani, who was assassinated outside his home in Dawn Park in Boksburg on 10 April, 1993. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Chris Hani's youngest daughter Lindiwe on Wednesday delivered a touching tribute at the 20th anniversary of his death, describing him as a renowned political leader due to his role as an exceptional father.

A wreath laying ceremony was held at the Thomas Nkobi Cemetery, where Hani was buried in 1993.

Lindiwe Hani told high ranking leaders, including President Jacob Zuma, she only realised who her father was after his death and can now find comfort in the thousands of people who mourn his death each year.

She said while she was proud of her father's contribution, it came at a price.

"The realisation of what my father meant to this country was both an incredible blessing and a curse. The blessing being I felt that his sacrifice of his family was not at vain. The curse was that I could never grieve for my father as the whole nation was watching."

Leaders of the ANC, SACP and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) attended the ceremony.

Hani was assassinated by polish immigrant Janusz WaluĊ› and Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis.

Earlier, Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale called on Hani's killers to finally tell the whole truth about what happened.

Over the years there have been many claims that more people must have been involved as the weapon used to killed Hani had been traced to the airforce armory.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission found Wallus and Derby-Lewis had held back on the truth.

Sexwale appealed to the duo to come clean.

"There are more people who were involved in this and we are just saying come out and tell the whole truth."

Meanwhile, Derby-Lewis was denied medical parole earlier this week after serving more than 20 years for his part in the crime.

The 77-year-old is suffering from prostate cancer,skin cancer and gangrene.

He has also indicated that he would like to apologise personally to Hani's widow.