SANDF yet to confirm CAR pull-out

The SANDF is yet to confirm on whether it has pulled out all the troops from CAR.

A video grab shows overloaded cars and suspected looters carrying goods in a street in Bangui on March 24, 2013. Looters and armed gangs roamed the streets of the Central African Republic capital after rebels seized control of the city. Picture: AFP"

JOHANNESBURG - The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is yet to confirm whether all remaining South African troops have now left Central African Republic (CAR).

At least 13 soldiers were gunned down there a fortnight ago after being ambushed by rebels.

The deployment has been fiercely questioned with government denying soldiers were sent to protect private or business interests.

The South African National Defence Union (Sandu) says according to its sources, all South African soldiers have now been pulled out of CAR.

This follows President Jacob Zuma's orders to withdraw troops from that country since African and regional leaders have decided not to recognise the new rebel government.

However, the National Defence Force continues to remain silent on when the last of the troops will come home, citing security concerns and operational secrets.

The SANDF has also denied reports that more than 13 soldiers were killed or that South African forces ran out of ammunition.

On Friday the Presidency issued a statement to say that Zuma has complied with the constitution and did not mislead Parliament about the deployment.

However, this has been slammed by the opposition as damage control because the president did not reveal the true reason for the mission.

Meanwhile, the defence force says nine soldiers who fought in the Central African Republic remain in hospital.