Rhino poachers are "highly sophisticated"

Officials are concerned they may lose more than 1,000 rhino, if the trend continues.

A rhino calf waits to be relocated following the death of its mother. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK - Game rangers in the Kruger National Park on Saturday said poachers have modernised their hunting methods and are now using high-tech equipment to counter current security measures.

More than 140 rhino have been poached in the park since the beginning of 2013.

Officials said they are concerned they may lose more than 1,000 rhino if the trend continues.

According to anti-poaching teams, 90 percent of suspected poachers in the park come through the Mozambican border.

Kruger Park spokesperson William Mabasa said these are men who fought in the Mozambican Civil War two decades ago.

Mabasa believes they are hunting with what appears to be the latest military techniques.

"These are very sophisticated syndicate poachers that are applying highly coined strategies to deal with."