Red Cross reveals CAR body count

Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye is due to announce the composition of the new government.

South African troops patrol on January 10, 2013 a position in Bangui. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The Red Cross said on Saturday it had found about 78 bodies in the streets of Central African Republic's (CAR) capital, Bangui, since it fell to rebels last weekend.

Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye, who stayed on after the coup, is due to announce the composition of the new government soon.

The CAR's self-proclaimed president said on Saturday his rebel government will scrutinise mining contracts signed with South African and Chinese companies by the ousted leader.

Michel Djotodia did not speak about the hundreds of South African troops still in his country reliant on France to evacuate them.

Djotodia and his regime that took power last weekend have been given the red card by the African Union (AU) that rejects unconstitutional changes of government.

He maintains he will be looking to the United States and European Union (EU) for financial help, and specifically to former colonial power, France, to help retrain the army, deliberately weakened by ousted president Francois Bozize to avoid the coup that toppled him.

South Africa was helping train some CAR soldiers to provide VIP protection.

Djotodia's Seleka rebels regarded them as mercenaries that need to be sent home.

Djotodia told reporters he will reconsider any deals badly done by Bozize.