Delays in Khayelitsha inquiry 'causes more violence'

The SJC says the more the Khayelitsha inquiry is disrupted the more vigilante killings soar.

Khayelitsha Police Station. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) said on Tuesday the more time that is wasted trying to derail the commission of inquiry into policing problems in Khayelitsha the more likely it is vigilante attacks will soar.

A Khayelitsha man was beaten and burnt to death in a mob attack on Sunday after he allegedly broke into a house in Makhaza.

The 25-year-old victim's body was found in a public toilet on Sunday.

This brings the total number of mob killings in Cape Town to six since the beginning of the year. Last year 80 people, including at least 19 from Khayelitsha, were victims of mob violence in the Western Cape.

The SJC's Phumeza Mahlungwana said: "For us the commission of inquiry was a step for people to have hope for a solution to some of the problems. It's a problem for the vigilante killings to continue and seeing that the inquiry is in chords there isn't really much hope."

Mahlungwana said the "sad reality" was that crime would not ending by talking about it.

"The more time that is wasted in finding these solutions the more time is wasted, the more our brothers and sisters will be killed and the more we will find we are affected every single day."

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille established the inquiry after residents complained that police in Khayelitsha were not effective.

The Police Ministry has approached the high court to stop the commission from going ahead.