Angelina Jolie and William Hague visit the DRC

EWN's Africa Correspondent, Jean-Jacques Cornish, reports on the day's top African news.

Actress Angelina Jolie addresses correspondents at a Headquarters press conference. Picture: Evan Schneider / UN Photo.

GOMA - Hollywood actress and United Nations Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, has joined forces with the British Foreign Secretary William Hague on an anti-rape mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

On Monday, the two travelled to the DRC where they met with women and girls in the city for the campaign to stop the use of rape as a tool of war.

The region's rebel groups, especially in and around the eastern city of Goma, is known for their use of rape as a weapon of war.

The intention of the mission to the Nzolo IDP camp north of Goma, was to highlight the use of rape in conflict zones, and to raise awareness of the issue on an international level.

Hague has said that he is going to raise this matter at the forthcoming G8 Summit in London in April.

BANGUI - CAR rebels suspend the constitution and resolve Parliament

On Monday, the Seleka rebel leader, Michel Djotodia, announced that they are suspending the constitution of the Central African Republic and dissolving its Parliament.

This announcement comes one day after the Seleka rebels seized the capital city of Bangui and forced the CAR's president, François Bozize, into exile in Cameroon.


567 CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies spoke to the chief of the South African Army, General Solly Shoke, on Tuesday who confirmed that they will be sending more troops and are simply waiting on direction from politicians.

This announcement comes as an enormous surprise as the UN have reported that South Africans in the CAR are trying to ship all their equipment out, and themselves out, as quickly as possible.

If South Africa does not ship its equipment out in time, they must burn it in order to prevent its use by the rebel forces.

It is believed that South Africa will not be able to take part in any peacekeeping operations abroad for a long time hereafter.


It appears that South Africa is trying to save face.

On Monday, President Jacob Zuma indicated that South Africa is still willing to train whatever army eventuates in the CAR.

Other countries are doing much the same in terms of saving face.

The United States of America will not talk about a coup d'état in the CAR because this has ramifications on aide that the USA are giving.

France is appealing for calm whilst the world is waiting to see what will happen next.

SOUTH AFRICA - Angry giraffe becomes an internet superstar

Footage has emerged online of the dramatic moment an angry giraffe went on the rampage, terrifying a group of German tourists at an unnamed South African reserve.

The usually mild-mannered animal quietly approached the tourists' jeep but soon became irritated, belligerently pursuing the group and ramming the jeep.

As the giraffe continued bucking the vehicle, one of the German tourists are heard saying, "Maybe it's time to radio for help, huh?"

The incident has already started conversations online about possible memes and gags with one of them being "Giraffic Park", a spin on the scene in Jurassic Park when a dinosaur chases a jeep.

Well, this giraffe, his got some neck!