CAR rebels takeover TV and radio stations

Rebels take control of TV and radio stations after causing the CAR to fall and its president to flee.

Rebels of the SELEKA coalition in the Central African Republic patrol on a road 12kms from the city of Damar, on January 10, 2013. Picture: AFP

BANGUI - Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic (CAR), who have reportedly seized the presidential palace, have also taken control of the national TV and radio stations.

The rebels made major gains on Saturday in their advance on the capital Bangwe, where French, US and Central African States have deployed troops.

There has been no word yet on the 250 South African troops in the CAR.

CAR President Francois Bozize has reportedly fled into neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Seleka rebel coalition resumed hostilities this week in the mineral-rich former French colony, vowing to oust Bozize, whom it accused of breaking a January peace agreement to integrate its fighters into the army.

Bozize, who himself took power 10 years ago, had weakened the army fearing it would mount another putsch.

Rebel leaders said they have ordered their men not to loot or mount reprisal attacks.

Paris and Pretoria are looking to the safety of the 250 troops each country has in the CAR.