Obama to meet with Palestinian leaders

Security has been beefed up in West Bank ahead of US President Barak Obama's visit.

United States President Barack Obama. Picture: AFP

RAMALLAH - Security is tight on the West Bank ahead of US President Barak Obama's visit.

Obama is due to meet with the Palestinian leadership during the second day of his visit to the region.

Expectations are low that he will be able to broker any kind of peace deal between the two sides as our correspondent.

There is anger and frustration on the streets of Ramallah while all roads leading to the presidential compound have been closed off.

A massive police and security force is out on the streets as thousands of anti-Obama protesters try to get as close as they can to where Obama will be meeting the Palestian leadership.

Meanwhile, four rockets have been fired from northern Gaza to Israel.

One landed in an Israeli kibbutz and has caused a massive fire that is raging out of control.

No injuries have been reported.

Extremists say it is a message that while Obama might be meeting with the Palestian leadership, neither of them have any control over events on the ground.