SA loses R7 billion due to leaking taps

South Africa loses around R7 billion due to leaking hydro infrastructure, a study shows.

Running water from bathroom taps. Picture:Clare Matthes/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - New research shows South Africa loses an estimated R7 billion due to leaking hydro infrastructure.

The study, which is a first of its kind, captured trends around water losses at 132 municipalities over a five-year period.

It revealed the non-revenue water average was 36.8 percent and the problem was caused by many factors including limited financial resources.

The Water Research Commission's Jay Bhagwan said, "It's made up of leaking taps and basins in your house, but it also includes billing errors, faulty metres and the illegal use of water that we cannot account for in the system."

South Africa celebrates National Water Week from March 18-24.