Strike will not disrupt courts

The Justice Ministry is appointing acting magistrates.

The Protea Magistrates Court in Soweto

JOHANNESBURG - The Justice Ministry said on Sunday it does not anticipate major disruptions in the country's courts due to a magistrates strike over pay which is expected to begin on Monday.

It said the appointment of acting magistrates is underway to minimise the impact of the pending strike.

The ministry said it will continue engaging with the Judicial Officers Association of South Africa which represents magistrates who want a single pay structure for the judiciary.

This would have their salaries and benefits put on the same salary scale as those of judges, which could see their pay increase by almost 100 percent.

“We will proceed with cases that have been set down for trial,” said the justice ministry’s Mthunzi Mhaga.

“We won’t allow any disturbances because we will have those acting magistrates that will assist.”