East Rand bones discovery still a mystery

A bizarre discovery under an East Rand pool remains unsolved after almost 30 years.

The mystery behind the discovery of a body in the East Rand still remains unsolved.

EAST RAND - It is being claimed an almost three-decade-long mystery of the remains of a woman which were found underneath a swimming pool remains unsolved because the police do not have the proper equipment.

Private forensic investigator David Klatzow says the bones of a female found under an East Rand pool have been lost in the system - just a year after they were recovered.

He says the lack of proper equipment to determine the age of the remains and the scarcity of people with skills to study the bones has left the mystery unsolved.

It is believed the remains may belong to one of the victims of notorious 1980s paedophile Gert van Rooyen.

Klatzow says little has been done to test the theory.

"The sensible thing to do would be firstly to put on television programmes, photographs of that clothing that should be made available to everybody."

According to Klatzow also revealed other clues.

"The pelvic bone and the long bone show signs of sawing. Generally, you don't expect to find a saw cut in a pelvic bone [in a post-mortem]. It suggests that there is some real skullduggery on the go here"

He added, "The jaws have not been passed on to a forensic odontologist, which is a mistake. The cops have done nothing to really advance this matter."

Klatzow said when he asked officials for an opportunity to examine and photograph the bones, the request was denied by officials.