Arms deal fighter wants ANC leaders subpoenaed

Activist Terry Crawford-Browne wants ANC leaders to be subpoenaed to the Seriti Commission.

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JOHANNESBURG - Arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Browne has questioned why no ANC leaders have been subpoenaed to appear before the commission, which is being led by Judge Willie Seriti, looking into the controversial multi-billion rand purchase of weapons and machinery.

Crawford-Browne claims several ANC leaders were involved in the deal and said new evidence suggested the ruling party used bribe money from the arms deal to fund their 1999 election campaign.

The activist also wants the ruling party to make its financial statements available for public scrutiny.

Crawford-Browne claims Fana Hlongwane, who acted as advisor to former Minister of Defence Joe Modise during the deal, had received the largest bribe from foreign aides.

"Amongst the documentation received from court, 160 pages of affidavits relating to the bribes of R1.5 million. Fana Hlongwane was probably the largest recipient of these."


The activist said he had lost faith in the Seriti Commission as it has been hit by more resignations from investigators.

The commission was supposed to start public hearings in March, but has postponed it until August because it has not processed all the documentation. It is also believed the commission may be running out of money.

Crawford-Browne said he went to see the commissioners last week and it seemed as if little progress had been made.

"I think there are a lot of members of the commission who are very committed… but it is achieving nothing."

Browne also said there were many papers that he saw that seemed to not be cross-referenced.