Motorists rush to fill up

Motorists around SA are scrambling to fill up ahead of the 81c/l petrol price hike at midnight.

Cape Town motorists are rushing to fill up their tanks ahead of a steep increase on Tuesday night.

JOHANNESBURG/CAPE TOWN - Motorists around South Africa are scrambling to fill up their tanks ahead of the 81 cents a litre (c/l) price hike at midnight.

Last week, the Department of Minerals and Energy announced that diesel will also increase by 58c/l on Wednesday. Consumers will have to fork out 57c/l more for paraffin.

In both Cape Town and Johannesburg, motorists are queuing at service stations.

Many say they have barely adjusted to February's increase and now they are forced to dig even deeper to stay on the road.

Some motorists say they are considering public transport because they simply cannot afford to fill up their tanks.

However, others say they would rather trim their budget elsewhere if it means they get to stay behind the wheel.

Economist Chris Hart said a weak rand and high oil prices were to blame for the hike.

He added it would have a knock-on effect on food and transport prices.

"We see prices go up on multiple levels. Food and transport prices and administrative costs like electricity will also go up."

The petrol price is set to increase further in April, due to a hike in the fuel levy.

This was revealed in Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's budget speech last week.