Beware of this scamster

iWitness Alastair Teeling-Smith warns of a scamster doing the rounds in Joburg.

An alleged scamster who has been doing the rounds in Gauteng asking for money to get his broken arm fixed at a hospital. Picture: Alastair Teeling-Smith/iWitness

iWitness Alastair Teeling-Smith sent us this story:

I was approached at the Parkview shops on Sunday morning by the man in the photos saying that he wanted help. He pointed to his arm, then lifted his sleeve. It looked like his bone was bent and there appeared to be what looked like blood oozing from a wound.

I recalled the experiences of two of my colleagues on two separate occasions, who were scammed by a man who flashed what appeared to be a bone poking through skin. The one person had given some money to the man with the wound. He said that he needed to put down some money for a deposit for an operation at Charlotte Maxeke hospital. The other person had tried to organise an ambulance to assist, but the scam artists fled as calls were being made for the ambulance.

I accused the man of having scammed my colleagues and took some photos of him. I also looked closely at the so-called wound and it was evident on close examination that it was not blood oozing from the wound, but rather a red liquid . His bone was bent though.

I threatened to call the police and he walked away swiftly from me.

My colleague who was scammed has seen the photo I took and confirms that he was indeed the scam artist.

I have given the photos to EWN to publish in order to warn others not to fall for his scam.

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