'CT councillor may fight his sacking'

A councillor who was fired for insulting a resident could take the Western Cape government to court.

ANC councillor Andile Lili, who was fired for insulting a Khayelitsha resident, could still take the Western Cape government to court. Picture: Catherine Rice/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Cape Town councillor who was sacked for insulting a resident could take legal action against the Western Cape Local Government Department.

ANC councillor Andile Lili was yesterday expelled by Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell.

During a disciplinary committee meeting in 2011, Lili was found guilty of making derogatory remarks to Khayelitsha resident Bongiwe Gugushe.

He told the local that she "will have to give birth in a drain or in the bush".

Lili was also found guilty of telling Gugushe to move out of her home or demolish it without any legal basis.

The Cape Town council asked that he be expelled for contravening the code of conduct for councillors.

The incident with Gugushe was not the only time Lili had come under fire for his comments to residents.

Bredell said it was difficult to speculate if the sacked councillor would opt to take the matter to court.

"He does have the option of taking me to court. But I went through a verified process."

Meanwhile, ANC chief whip in Cape Town, Xolani Sotashe, said the party respected the MEC's decision.

"We do know that Andile Lili has followed all the due processes in council, and council made a decision around his future. The matter was [then] taken to the MEC to make a decision."