Okah sentencing postponed

Nigerian national Henry Okah has asked for yet another postponement in his terrorism case.

Henry Okah has asked for another postponement in his terrorism case.

JOHANNESBURG - Nigerian national Henry Okah's sentencing on Thursday hit another snag.

He was convicted for terrorism after he coordinated twin bombings in Nigeria during Independence Day in October 2010.

Earlier on Thursday, the Nigerian national asked the court for yet another postponement after he fired his lawyer.

Sentencing proceedings will now resume on March 18 and 19.

State prosecutors said Okah was using delay tactics after he came to court with a new lawyer.

Judge Neels Claassen gave the convicted terrorist his final postponement.

During his last appearance, Okah's ex-lawyer Lucky Maunatlala asked to be given more time for witnesses to arrive in South Africa.

Okah was found guilty on 13 charges of terrorism and detonating an explosive device.

During the trial, Okah denied any involvement in the blasts and said the charges against him were politically motivated.