'Agang is breaking the mould of traditional politics'

An analyst believes the ANC must change its strategy if it wants the youth to vote for them.

An analyst believes the ANC has to change its strategy if it wants the young vote.

CAPE TOWN - Political analyst Mzukisi Qobo says the youth wants an ANC that is more radical and populist and will deliver economic prosperity soon.

At the launch of the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation Transformation Audit, Qobo said the establishment of a new political platform by former World Bank official Mamphela Ramphele is breaking the mould of traditional politics in South Africa.

On Monday, Ramphele held a press conference at the Constitutional Hill.

She announced her decision to launch a "party political platform" called Agang.

The activist also expressed concern about corruption, youth unemployment and inequality.

It is not yet clear whether Agang will be registered as a political party.

The transformation audit says young people in South Africa need urgent intervention to ensure they are properly educated and equipped for the future.

The audit says young people are positive about the future but are more vulnerable than their peers in emerging economies.

Qobo, who contributed to the audit, says political parties need to adapt if they want to capture the vote of these youngsters.

"If anything, they would prefer a much more radicalised and populist fashion of the ANC that promises to generate quick fixes."

The audit says the focus on young people by the National Development Plan (NDP) is a step in the right direction.