Bredasdrop teen rape: Aunt defends accused

The family of one of the men accused of raping and murdering Anene Booysens claims he is a good person.

Bredasdorp residents outraged after Anene Booysen's brutal rape and murder. Picture: EWN>

CAPE TOWN - The aunt of one of the men accused of raping and murdering teenager Anene Booysen insists he is not dangerous.

The 23-year-old suspect is believed to be the mastermind of the attack on the 17-year-old in Bredasdorp last week.

Booysen was gang-raped, mutilated and died later in hospital.

Before her death she managed to identify the man whom she apparently knew well.

The man's aunt said her nephew was harmless.

"He is a quiet person. He uses no drugs and drinks beer. When he is drunk he goes to bed."

The aunt said her family believed he was not guilty of the crime.

Two other men have also been arrested in connection with the crime.

All three are expected to appear in court next week.

Western Cape deputy Police Commissioner Peter Jacobs said the province had seen some "unspeakable acts of violence" in recent months.

The kidnapping and murder of five-year-old Lilitha Mgwebi and the discovery of 16-year-old Charmaine Mare's burnt and dismembered body in January were some of the grim stories making headlines in the Cape.

Jacobs said, "Our domestic data shows unspeakable levels of violence."

According to police statistics, 9,153 sexual offences were recorded in the Western Cape for the period 2011-2012.

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