Bogus cop gang nabbed

Police are confident they have arrested a gang behind a number of fake cop crimes.

Police arrested 5 gang members behind a spate of 'fake cop robberies and hijackings' in Midrand on 8 February 2013. Picture: SAPS

JOHANNESBURG - Metro Police said on Saturday it was certain the men arrested during an operation are the same men who had been posing as police and robbing motorists.

Authorities were given information that the men had targeted a truck for hijacking.

In a sting operation, police pounced on the gang while they were staking out their target.

The arrest comes just days after two motorists were hijacked by bogus officers on the M1 highway between Marlboro and Sandton.

Metro police's Edna Mamonyane said the uniforms had been stolen from the homes of police officers.

Members of the Flying Squad and Tactical Response Team were involved in the operation which took place in Midrand.


Police seized traffic official's uniforms including caps, trousers, reflector jackets, a torch, 9mm firearms, police radios and a vehicle tracker jamming device.

The two VW Polo's being used by the gang were impounded for further investigation.

One of the suspects was identified as the possible ring leader of the group.

Further investigations are continuing and police are confident that several cases of truck hijackings and armed robberies will be solved following the arrest of the gang.