Bredasdorp mother's heartache

The foster mother of a Bredasdorp teen who was gang-raped & killed says the crime was senseless.

The foster mother of a Bredasdorp teen who was gang-raped and killed says the crime was a senseless one. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The foster mother of a Bredasdorp teenager who was gang-raped and killed last week has described the attack as "senseless" and "cruel".

Anene Booysen was raped and mutilated, allegedly by several men last Saturday. She died in hospital from her injuries, after she was found by security guards in an industrial area.

Two men have since been arrested for the crimes and one of them is expected to appear in court on Friday. A group of residents and activists are expected to protest outside court for the second suspect's appearance.

Earlier this week, the case of the first accused was postponed to 12 February by the Bredasdorp Magistrate's Court.

"What kind of a human-being can be so cruel and do something so senseless," Corlia Olivier asked in Afrikaans.

The visibly distraught woman said she raised the 17-year-old as one of her own.

With slumped shoulders and sad red eyes, the Bredasdorp mother looked helpless as she sat on her bed. Next to her rested an ashtray filled with cigarette buds.

Olivier said she was devastated when she received a call her daughter had been killed and explained that she sobbed bitterly when she saw her daughter's mutilated body.

She said she could not believe human-beings could commit such cruel acts, and what made it even worse was that one of the suspects was "like a brother to Anene".

It is understood one of the men may have previously had a relationship with Booysen.

Olivier said the home was not the same without the young girl.

Showing a rare smile, she recounted how they would argue over whose turn it was to wash the daily dishes. Booysen's favourite meal was macaroni and cheese.

Olivier's sister, Isabelle Sheldon, said they will never forget Booysen.

"I remember her smile; she was very friendly," said Sheldon.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend her funeral tomorrow.

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