Ramphele laments SA's education system

Mamphela Ramphele says the country’s education system is deteriorating.

Mamphela Ramphele is still not giving anything away about a new political party.

JOHANNESBURG - Former World Bank director Mamphela Ramphele on Thursday described the ANC's call for teaching to be made an essential service as a ploy to appear to be doing something, instead of taking accountability for an appalling education system.

Earlier, Ramphele spoke to Eyewitness News on a wide range of topics including corruption, youth wage subsidy and growing speculation that she may lead a new political party.

Ramphele, an activist described as a "fierce critic of the ANC", called on citizens to help return South Africa to the country it promised to be at the birth of democracy.

She said when it was pointless treating the symptoms without fixing the system when dealing with education.

"We inherited a deeply flawed system from the apartheid government. We made it worse. It is almost impossible to imagine."

She said education is perhaps the government's "greatest failure", and she heard leaders in the ANC question the once proud movement.

Ramphele called for a war against corruption and slammed talk of meeting protests with an "iron fist", saying violence is the voice of the powerless that needs to be listened to.

She sidestepped questions about her future but said it is time to redefine the nature of politics in South Africa.

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