40,000 NGO's forced to deregister

MEC Albert Fritz has disapatched a team to ensure that NGO's paperwork were in order.

Western Cape Social Development MEC Albert Fritz. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Social Development MEC Albert Fritz said on Tuesday there will be a lot of casualties after thousands of Non-Government Organisations (NGO)'s are forced to deregister.

The National Department of Social Development recently announced about 40,000 NGO's and non-profit organisations across the country would have to deregister for non compliance.

This means they will no longer receive state funding.

Fritz said many Western Cape organisations will be affected.

"We know of a number of facilities in the early childhood development sector, specifically and especially in the poor areas. We know of one facility that deals with and gives service to women who have been physically and sexually abused. There is also a facility in the youth sector."

Fritz said his department will assist any organisation that is battling to get their papers in order.

"Compliance is important. We are now sending out a team of capacity builders to go to NGO's to ensure that they are registered and their paperwork was in order."