Cosatu to protest against retailers

Cosatu believes retailers are offering Western Cape farmers extremely low prices for their products.

Cosatu believes retailers are Western Cape farmers ridiculously low prices for their products.

CAPE TOWN - The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) in the Western Cape is planning another protest in the agricultural sector - but this time it is targeting major retailers in the province.

Cosatu will launch a campaign against retailer companies which it says pay farmers low amounts for the products produced on South African farms.

The protest is set to take place in three weeks' time.

Cosatu's provincial secretary Tony Ehrenreich says retailers are paying farmers extremely low prices for their products.

Ehrenreich says they have won their fight to ensure a higher daily wage for farmworkers and will now turn their attention to retailers.

"There's needs to be a change in the pricing of agriculture products if we are to have a sustainable industry."

On Monday, Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant announced a new minimum wage for farmworkers, increasing the amount from R69 per day to R105.

This followed several months of violent protests in several Western Cape towns.

Farmworkers were demanding improved living conditions and a daily wage of R150.

Ehrenreich says this is an ongoing campaign until the entire value chain in the agriculture sector is improved.