Has the Boeremag trial been compromised?

It has emerged in court papers that the Boeremag case might be marred by irregularities.

Boeremag accused and their lawyers in the North Gauteng High Court. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN.

PRETORIA - Several of the Boeremag accused lodged an application on Wednesday to have the North Gauteng High Court consider whether there were irregularities in the police investigation and their prosecution.

The 20 right-wingers were found guilty of high treason in 2011 following a marathon trial that lasted almost 10 years.

The men plotted to overthrow the ANC-led government and planted several bombs in 2002. Eight bomb blasts rocked Soweto. The group also claimed responsibility for the death of a woman and her husband.

Former police investigator Captain Deon Loots was expected to take the stand to provide evidence of alleged irregularities.

Loots claimed police spies enticed Boeremag members into committing crimes and planting evidence.

He also alleged that Crime Intelligence officials listened in on consultations between the then-accused and their legal teams.

If it is found that the alleged irregularities prejudiced the men, their convictions, which were handed down by Judge Eben Jordaan, could be overturned.

The police have argued that the alleged evidence is merely hearsay.