‘Zuma not taking female judges seriously’

Former ConCourt Justice Zac Yacoob says Zuma should make more female ConCourt appointments.

Former Justice Zac Yacoob says President Jacob Zuma should make more female appointments to the Constitutional Court bench.

JOHANNESBURG - Former Constitutional Court Judge Zac Yacoob has criticised president Jacob Zuma for not taking the importance of appointing women to the Constitutional Court bench as seriously as he should

Yacoob who took leave of his position this week, has told the Sunday Independent that he hoped Zuma would reject an all male list of candidates to replace him.

The former Justice has served 15 years in the Constitutional Court.

The president has the power, in terms of the constitution, to ask for additional names from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Yacoob has also encouraged debates on the powers to amend the constitution and said it was important that it remains a living, flexible and relevant document.

He said government was free to criticise the judiciary, but when it was unjustified, individuals such as himself will speak out.