Gang violence erupts in Reiger Park

A teen was shot in a driveby shooting that may be linked to the killing of a former gangster.

The pool of blood on the street outside Bonaventure Mynhard's home in Reiger Park where he was gunned down on 30 January 2013. Picture: Mandy Wiener/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - There's been another gang related shooting in Reiger Park on the East Rand.

The 16-year-old was outside the Golden Shopping Centre on Wednesday night when he was shot twice, just hours after the murder of reformed gangster Bonaventure Mynhardt.

The men inside the car shot the teen in the thigh and left shoulder.

He was rushed to hospital and is currently in critical condition.

But, the police's Mashudu Patela said they cannot confirm if the shootings were linked.

Meanwhile, the family of the teen told Eyewitness News they were baffled by the shooting.

"Innocent people are getting hurt now. The kids are not gangsters, but they're getting shot at."


Meanwhile, Mynhardt's relatives warned of revenge killings in the area.

"Now that this has happened, I don't know what the way forward is. The boys are very angry and I'm not sure what will take place."

The 40-year-old was killed in the street outside his home in 'The Doubles' section of Reiger Park.

He had spent 13 years in prison where he achieved several degrees and was released three years ago.

His mother Grace said she hopes his murder does not lead to more deaths.

"These people shot him, but they must not come here and take it out on other people as well."

Mynhardt spoke to Eyewitness News last year about the root causes of gangsterism and warned it would be difficult to ever put a stop to it.