No word on SIU head appointment

Activists have described Zuma's postponement in appointing an SIU head as tragic and astonishing.

Zackie Achmat describes Zuma not appointing an SIU head as tragic and astonishing.

JOHANNESBURG - Anti-Apartheid activist Zackie Achmat told Eyewitness News on Wednesday it is astonishing, tragic and way beyond constitutional neglect for President Jacob Zuma to not have appointed a permanent head to the Special Investigating Unit (SIU).

Meanwhile, parliament's justice committee head Lewellyn Landers said it is unacceptable that the unit has been left with only an acting head since December 2011.

Achmat said he believes the president has a corrupt motive for leaving the SIU without a head for so long.

"The president fears that not only he, but a number of his associates who are corrupt, will be behind bars. That's why they're protecting themselves and why they want the SIU and other bodies to be weak."

Landers, who preferred not be recorded by an Eyewitness News reporter said the situation was unacceptable.

He is the first senior African National Congress member to speak out on Zuma's inaction.

The presidency would not comment on the issue.