How much is Bafana worth?

Ever wondered what the value of Bafana Bafana is and how big wins or loses affect it?

Safa president Kirsten Nematandani (L) shakes hands with Bafana Bafana coach Gordon Igesund, following the announcement of his appointment as coach on 30 June 2012. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Ever wondered what the value of Bafana Bafana was and how big wins or loses affectted it?

Talk Radio 702's Bruce Whitfield put the question to BMI Sport Info director James Monteith, who said there was no single answer to the question.

"But I suppose simple laws of economics will always tell you that the price of any brand, company, product or service is, first of all, what someone is prepared to pay for it; and second of all, what someone is prepared to accept for it."

He said if Bafana Bafana was a brand, an evaluation of the brand would easily determine its value.

Monteith did however say the team's value would definitely be higher if they won more games.

He said a winning team meant more ticket sales and higher television audience ratings, which in turn meant the sponsorship rights for Bafana Bafana would be worth a whole lot more to potential sponsors, as companies constantly sought to advertise their products or services to broader target audiences.

"So it's one of those knock-off effects. If a team keeps winning, ultimately the team is worth a whole lot more."

He said big tournaments hosted by the country, and big wins proved to show a rise in the team's value.

"Prior to 2010, Bafana Bafana generated in excess of R120 million a year just in sponsorship revenue.

"That dropped quite substantially after the World Cup because obviously, we weren't hosting the World Cup..."

"I can certainly guarantee that if [the South African Football Association] went to the market after a series of good wins, the sponsorship price (would) be a lot higher than it currently is.

He said Bafana was worth about half a billion rand a year to the South African economy if one added the team's sponsorship revenue, the sales of television rights, ticket sales and revenue from merchandise sales.

But he was quick to say the true value of the national team could only be determined by whether or not someone was prepared to pay that amount for the Bafana brand.

South Africa are the hosts of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, and their performance in the tournament could see a flood of potential sponsors approaching Safa.

They won 2-0 over Angola on Wednesday night and will play Morocco in the last Group A match on Sunday.