Auditor-General uncovers ineffective governance

An audit determining whether money was well spent by government departments has been released.

The Auditor-General has released an audit determining whether money was well spent by government departments. Picture: SAPA

PRETORIA - The Auditor-General of South Africa has found that inadequate planning, ineffective governance and a high turnover of employees in key positions contributed to the R33 billion Government spent on consultants in the last three financial years.

The Auditor-General's office on Thursday released the findings of its recent performance audit in Pretoria.

The audit determines whether money was well spent by departments.

The Auditor-General found that consultants were being appointed where permanent employees were needed.

It established consultation projects valued at more than R3 billion were initiated on the basis that there was a lack of internal capacity and skills.

A further 63 contracts amounting to nearly R2 billion did not have detailed planning documentation to support the decisions to appoint consultants.

Deputy Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu said: "Going out to get consultants is just the easy way out of people not doing their jobs properly."

He questioned why officials were only appointing people closer to the end of the year for projects they had known about earlier.

He said Government should implement stricter controls to ensure value for money.