Presidency 'disappointed' with FNB ads

The Presidency says FNB’s “You Can Help” campaign amounts to finger pointing.

A screenshot from the FNB ad that has sparked controversy. Picture: FNBTV via YouTube.

JOHANNESBURG - The Presidency on Wednesday weighed in on First National Bank (FNB)'s "You Can Help Campaign" and said it was "disappointed" with the way the bank's adverts portrayed the country.

It said there should be a focus on partnerships rather than finger pointing.

The Presidency's Harold Maloka said, "Those adverts by themselves were finger pointing and were not necessarily a reflection on society."

He added the adverts hinted at the possibility that since 1994, nothing had changed in South Africa.

Maloka said this was not true.

The bank claimed that it launched the campaign to carry a message from the children of South Africa.

FNB conducted a nationwide survey to understand how our children felt about the country and its future.

These views were used in their advertising campaign.

FNB's Chief Marketing Officer Bernice Samuels said the campaign was aimed at reminding people not to be distracted by the little things.

During the research phase, the campaign featured around 1600 children, pupils and students.

Earlier this week, the ANC Youth League labelled the campaign as "treasonous".

The campaign was also not received well by the ruling party.

The ANC said the advert was "scripted".

FNB then pulled the ad after the ANC condemned it.

The ANC said the bank should not have used children to discuss politics.