Arms Deal head speaks out against Moabi

Head of the Arms Deal Commission has spoken out against allegations made about the inquiry.

Grippon fighter jets formed part of the Arms Deal. Picture:

JOHANNNESBURG - The head of the Arms Deal Commission Judge Willie Seriti on Tuesday said he believed attorney Norman Moabi had probably made claims about a second agenda for the commission because of a personal grudge against him, which he said he did not fully understand.

He also said the claims were being made to deliberately tarnish the commission's image.

In a five-page statement signed by Seriti, he wrote Moabi claimed to be a senior investigator, when in fact he was merely an attorney employed to help with the commission's work.

He also said he believed Moabi may have made the claims in his resignation letter because he was unhappy at being passed over for the role of looking after all the documents the commission is currently examining.

Seriti said Moabi did not mention the issues to him, or other members of the commission, but instead went public with his claims.

The judge said he and the other judges on the commission were committed to ensuring that they were objective.

In his resignation letter, Moabi claimed the commission was no longer going to be able to meet its mandate on finding the truth over the Arms Deal that cost South African tax payers R70 billion.

He also alleged Seriti was obsessed with the control over the flow of information in the investigation.