Bail pending for 'Mangaung terrorists'

A court will decide if bail will be granted to the men who plotted to kill ANC leaders.

A group of men accused of plotting to bomb a tent at the ANC’s Mangaung conference appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate's Court on 18 December 2012. Picture: Matshidiso Madia/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Four suspected right-wing extremists, who are accused of plotting to kill the president and other South African leaders, will find out on Wednesday if they will be granted bail by the Bloemfontein Magistrate's Court.

The men were arrested in December last year, during the ANC's national conference in Mangaung, where they allegedly wanted to bomb tents being used by delegates and murder high ranking members of the ruling party.

Police apprehended the men after a tipoff.

Mark Trollip, Johan Prinsloo, Martin Keevy and Hein Boonzaaier face charges of treason and terrorism, for planning the "Battle of Mangaung", in which they wanted to assassinate the country's high ranking members of government, including President Jacob Zuma.

Boonzaaier and Prinsloo were leaders of the right-wing Federal Freedom Party.

They have since been suspended from party.

But while the FFP maintains the two are innocent and that the state's case against them is weak, the prosecution said Trollip confessed.