Secret Service employee in hot water

A Jaguar that crashed into a Lyttelton house is owned by an employee of the Secret Service.

A Jaguar that crashed into a Lyttelton house is owned by a Secret Service employee who hasn’t been arrested.

JOHANNESBURG - Police have failed to explain why a driver who allegedly fled the scene of an accident in Pretoria has not been arrested.

There's an increasing suspicion that he is receiving preferential treatment because he's a state employee.

A wrecked Jaguar belonging to Lennon Makuma, who is apparently employed by the Secret Service, was found crashed into a house in Lyttelton on Sunday morning.

The driver was nowhere to be found.

The police found an empty whiskey bottle and bottles of beer inside the wrecked luxury Sudan.

Makuma's state employee card was also recovered.

The Justice Projects Howard Dembovsky said the Road Traffics Act lists fleeing the scene of an accident as a crime.

"It's mandatory for a person who owns that vehicle to be assumed to be the driver in the absence of evidence to the contrary."

The police's Hero Gambu said investigators have taken a statement from Makuma, but decline to explain why he hasn't been arrested and charged.

Gambu said the prosecuting authority will now have to make a decision on whether to prosecute Makuma.