Details emerge about cop in R8 crash

More details are emerging about the officer who was killed in a car crash on Oxford Road.

A driver and an officer were killed during a crash on Oxford Road. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police said the officer who died in the Audi R8 crash was given a formal warning two years ago following a complaint from a man he arrested and allegedly harassed for hours.

Last week, Areff Haffejee crashed his car on Oxford Road after being caught with a small portion of dagga in his car.

However, there are questions as to why the officer searched the car while Haffajee was inside.

Eyewitness News reported on Thursday morning that Ian Skinner complained about Goodman Lubisi and several other officers after they arrested him for drunk driving despite a test showing he did not have a drop to drink that night.

Skinner did not lay criminal charges but complained to the Sandton station commander, saying he was locked in the back of a van while the officers sped around and bounced him over speed bumps.

Skinner says he tried in vain to find out why the officers got off so lightly.

"An internal disciplinary hearing had been held and the people involved were given a warning. They were set to be sent on a retraining exercise."

Police are investigating the matter.