Nkomo was a 'patriot and revolutionary'

Several officials have sent their condolences to the late Zim Vice President John Nkomo’s family.

The late Zimbabwean Vice-President John Nkomo. Picture: AFP

HARARE - Zimbabweans on Thursday reacted to the death of Vice President John Nkomo.

The 79-year-old died following a long battle with cancer.

State radio confirmed the news three hours after it broke in South Africa.

Radio stations quoted President Robert Mugabe calling Nkomo a fighter and a revolutionary.

Nkomo's death was mistakenly reported several times in the past few months.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)'s ambassador to Senegal, Trudy Stevenson, wrote a condolence message to the Nkomo family on social network Twitter.

The United States Embassy in Harare also issued a statement describing Nkomo as a patriot who dedicated his life to Zimbabwe's sovereignty and prosperity.

Nkomo was a former parliamentary speaker and a Zanu-PF chairman.