Arms deal commission investigator quits

Activist Terry Crawford-Browne says the resignation is further proof that the commission is a cover-up.

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JOHANNESBURG - Arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Browne on Thursday said the resignation of a senior investigator from the arms deal commission was further proof that it was simply a cover-up.

Earlier, it emerged that investigator Norman Moabi wrote a letter of resignation to the commission.

In the letter, Moabi claimed that there was a second agenda that was followed.

Crawford-Browne claims that the commission is not actually examining who took money during the arms deal.

"I think the commission is part of the cover-up. It seems to have done no work at all."

But commission spokesperson William Baloyi says they do not have another agenda.

"The commission has only one agenda - to investigate the matter as set out in the terms of reference."

Crawford-Browne said the arms deal commission also appeared to have threatened witnesses who were preparing to testify before it.

This after Moabi said he and other witnesses received a letter from the commission indicating when they would testify.

Baloyi said nothing would be swept under the carpet.

"All the relevant information in the possession of the commission will be fully disclosed during the public hearing."

The commission is due to hold public hearings in March.