'Supercar joyrides and bribes a norm for cops'

More supercar owners have accused authorities of soliciting bribes and asking for joyrides.

An Audi R8 was involved in a fatal accident on Oxford road, near Rosebank, that left two people dead. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - More allegations of police officers soliciting joyrides from Johannesburg motorists are emerging.

An investigation into a deadly Audi R8 accident which killed Areff Haffejee and a police officer is underway.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) said its probe will establish why a police officer was inside the supercar when it crashed near Rosebank last week.

Police claim officers found drugs inside Haffejee's Audi and that he drove away with Constable Goodman Lubisi in the passenger seat.

Another motorist has described how he witnessed a metro police officer climbing into a luxury Jeep in Sunninghill and allowing the driver to speed around the corner.

The officer then climbed out to resume his work at a roadblock .

A video shot by the witness in 2012 showed the officer taking off his reflector jacket before jumping into the car.

"It would not take anyone more than a boy scout to catch these guys in the act," said another motorist.

A memorial service was held on Tuesday for Lubisi, while police watchdog IPID said his partner's evidence will form a crucial part of its investigation.


Meanwhile, new details about the officer have emerged regarding an internal investigation against relating to an unlawful arrest.

A Johannesburg man said he believed the officer was the one he has accused of intimidation and harassment during the unlawful arrest.

Ian Skinner was arrested by Lubisi in 2010 and charged falsely, with drunken driving.

He was then driven from one police station to another.

"We went over speed humps, some at 140km/h in a cop van where you don't have a hand hold, you kind of get thrown backwards and forwards," said Skinner.

Skinner said he laid a complaint against Lubisi and other officers, but never really got any feedback.

At the same time it appears the Lubisi was also being investigated after his firearm was stolen during a robbery several years ago.