Supercar owners speak out against cops

Owners of supercars say police often harass them by asking for a joyride or a bribe.

An Audi R8 was involved in a fatal accident on Oxford road, near Rosebank, that left two people dead. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A Johannesburg man who owns a high-performance sports car has told Eyewitness News , that police officers often pull him over and offer to cover up for him in exchange for a high-speed joyride.

The businessman said he suspects the same Sandton officer who died in an Audi R8 last week had pulled the driver of the Audi over twice and asked for a spin inside the luxury vehicle.

He said he was used to the harassment by police officers, but refused to drive them anywhere.

"It's been happening to me about three to four times a month. I have friends that also drive high performance cars and it also happens to them frequently."

He said it was not unusual for officers to ask him to break the law.

The man also said it was common to have the officers bribe owners of the luxury vehicles to give them rides in exchange for the police forgetting about their misdemeanours.

"They're quite happy to have you push the car, as hard as it can go."

The man said he would like these policemen to be prosecuted.

Meanwhile a well-known private forensic investigator has sent a report to the family of the Audi R8 driver, in which he claims the officer may have asked for a bribe.

Speculation continues to swirl around the accident, with police claiming the driver sped off after dagga was found inside the car.

But questions have also been raised about the drugs being planted.