Family launch probe into Oxford Rd crash

There are now two investigations into the fatal accident on Oxford Road near Rosebank.

Areff Haffejee and his wife Carine - he was killed on 9 January 2013, after his Audi R8 crashed on Oxford Road near Rosebank. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - It appears there are two investigations into an accident on Oxford Road near Rosebank, in which two people were killed last Thursday.

Areff Haffejee and police officer Goodman Lubisi died after Haffejee's car hit a tree, wall and light pole during the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to The Sunday Times, the family have since hired a private investigator, while police at the weekend said they were still gathering all eyewitnesses.

There are still questions around the circumstances leading up to the crash.

Police last week said the accident was the result of a high-speed chase, after they found dagga in Haffejee's Audi R8.

Police said they stopped Haffejee in Sandton, and that Lubisi was still searching the car when Haffejee sped off.

But one eyewitness came forward and said there was no chase.

The family want their own investigator to get to the bottom of events leading up to the fatal crash.