About 6,000 Harmony Gold jobs on the line

Harmony Gold says it is trying to avert retrenchments at the Kusasalethu mine.

Harmony Gold says it is trying to avert the possibility of retrenchment at the Kusasalethu mine. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Harmony Gold on Monday said about 6,000 jobs were on the line at its Kusasalethu mine in Carletonville following weeks of violence.

Operations at the mine remain at a standstill.

This is as talks get underway to resolve the impasse which resulted in several wildcat strikes in 2012.

Miners are demanding higher wages and improved living conditions.

Harmony Gold has said it will not resume operations at Kusasalethu until it is sure that it is profitable and safe to do so.

The mining company's CEO Graham Briggs says they hope to save the mine and avoid retrenchments.

"It is a facilitated process of getting everyone together, labours unions and so forth, and trying to find a solution."