Gauteng, CT cops probe alleged gay murders

Gauteng police are partnering with Cape Town to probe a gang that targets gay men.

File Picture: Some of the victims of apparent gay murders in Gauteng. Picture: The Star.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police are comparing notes with their Cape Town counterparts after a Plumstead man was murdered in what may be linked to gang targetting gay men countrywide.

Graham Collop, aged 50, was found dead in his home on Sunday night by family members who thought he had gone missing.

The case bares striking similarities to a series of gay murders in Gauteng, currently being investigated by a provincial task team.

Collop was found bound and strangled in his home, after inviting his killers into his apartment which was then ransacked.

It is a story that has been told at least eight times in Gauteng.

Police are investigating a gang they believe is killing gay men, not just in Gauteng, but in other provinces as well.

The Gauteng police's spokesperson, Brigadier Neville Malila, says members of the provincial task team are working with investigators on collop's case to determine if it's connected.

"The information supplied was passed on to the investigation team."

Police are yet to make any further arrests, after three suspected members were arrested in November.

Rights groups are calling for more police action into the murders.