CPT gay murders compared to other cases

Graham Collop was found bound and strangled in his home like other dead gay men in Gauteng.

Eight dead gay men from Gauteng believed to have been targetted by a gang. Picture: The Star

JOHANNESBURG - Gay rights group OUT on Wednesday said the death of another gay man in Cape Town should be a "wake-up call" to police investigating a gang targeting homosexual men countrywide.

Graham Collop was found bound and strangled in his home on Sunday night.

The case bares striking similarities to a series of gay murders in Gauteng, currently being investigated by a provincial task team.

OUT's director, Dawie Nel, urged the police to push forward their investigation and make more arrests to prevent further deaths.

"There is a very similar modus operandi that emerges in Gauteng.

"We call on the police to look at these links, and for our community to remain vigilant.

Gauteng police arrested three men suspected to be part of the gang in November, but no further arrests have since been made.

The group was linked to the death of Orange Grove resident Barney van Heerden.

While it is unclear if Collop's death was committed by the gang, the similarities between the cases cannot be ignored.

All the men were found bound and strangled in their homes, after having invited their alleged killers.