Alleged gay murder victim found in CT

Graham Collop is the latest victim in a series of apparent gay murders across the country.

File Picture: Victims of apparent gay killings in South Africa.

CAPE TOWN - A man has been killed in what appears to be yet another incident in a string of murders of gay men.

A gang has been targetting the homosexual community across the country.

Graham Collop was found dead in his Cape Town home on Sunday night by family members who thought he had just gone missing.

Collop was bound and strangled, with no signs of forced entry into his Plumstead flat.

The 50-year-old appeared to have invited his alleged killers in and they pillaged the flat after the brutal murder.

In 2012, Gauteng police announced that a task team would investigate the series of murders.

They arrested three men for the murder of Orange Grove resident Barney van Heerden and announced that the gang was working all over the country.

No other suspects linked to the gang have since been arrested.

Police are yet to announce whether Collop's death is linked to the gang or not, even though the circumstances surrounding his case are similar to those of the other murders.