ANC celebrates 101st birthday

Africa’s oldest liberation movement celebrates another milestone.

An ANC marcher sings and dances. Picture: Gia Nicolaides

JOHANNESBURG - As the ANC celebrates its 101st birthday, it is facing calls to become both humble and more radical.

The party was officially formed on 8 January 1912.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) said the organisation needs to remain a humble servant of the people.

But the ANC Youth League's Khusela Sangoni said the party needs to be more radical.

"Youth unemployment constitutes the biggest threat to our democracy at this point in time. We would like the ANC to also look at the economy."

On Sunday, President Jacob Zuma officially closed the party's celebrations.

He called on members to help grow the party.

The ANC has been South Africa's ruling party since 1994.