Report: Willie Basson to resign from CSA

Reports indicate CSA’s acting president Willie Basson is set to resign this week.

Acting Cricket SA president Willie Basson speaks during a news conference in Centurion on 21 March 2012. Picture: Sapa stringer

JOHANNESBURG - It has been reported that Cricket South Africa's (CSA) acting president Willie Basson will resign from the CSA.

Basson is expected to step down from his position "early this week", ESPNcricinfo reported on Monday.

This comes just a month before the CSA is due to announce its new board, whose structure is under dispute.

The meeting has been postponed at least three times from August 2012.

In December, it emerged Basson had worked on South Africa's chemical warfare programme in the early 1980s.

He said he was involved in the planning and designing of defensive programmes for the country during the apartheid regime and after democracy was brokered.

He has said he was hired to design and run research programmes, but that his expertise lay in how the government would protect itself against attacks.