De Doorns farmworkers preparing for strike

De Doorns farmworkers are expected to meet on Sunday. in preparation of their Wednesday strike.

Many farm workers in the Hex River Valley complain about their living conditions. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

DE DOORNS - Farm workers in De Doorns are expected to meet on Sunday to plan their upcoming strike.

The labourers were expected to converge at their local stadium on Sunday afternoon.

COSATU said the strike will resume next week Wednesday, as the fight to improve their salaries continues.

In 2012 workers in at least 16 towns in the Western Cape embarked on a two-week-long strike which left two people dead demanding 150 rand for a day's work.

De Doorns strike committee organiser Shaun Yanta said, "That is why we are meeting tomorrow so that we can have a clean and clear idea of what is happening."