Kaapse Klopse to go ahead

The City of Cape Town and several minstrel groups have reached an agreement ahead of the festival.

A minstrel group showing off its skills at the Cape Town Stadium. Picture: Lindiwe Mlandu/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The city and several minstrel groups have kissed and made up.

The city says all groups who will take part in the annual "Tweede Nuwe Jaar" celebrations next week have resolved various contentious issues, including the appointment of an events coordinator.

Some minstrel associations were unhappy with the process used in appointing a coordinator.

The city's Grant Pascoe says, "We're quite happy to announce that all of them have come to the party and they have signed. We're now looking forward to a great experience for all our local and foreign guests."

The annual festival takes place on 2 January.