Festive season death toll passes 1000

The national road death toll is assumed to be over 1, 000, the RTMC said on Tuesday.

File picture: Emergency personnel attend to an accident scene. Picture: Netcare 911 via Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) on Tuesday said the number of people killed on South Africa's roads was estimated to be more than 1, 000.

At least 11 people were killed in various road accidents over the weekend.

RTMC spokesman Ashraf Ismail said the national death toll was at this stage likely to be over 1, 100.

He said the estimate was based on the fact that an average of between 38 and 40 people died daily on roads nationwide.

Ismail said the majority of accidents reported do far were head on collisions.

"This is the most devastating, terrifying crash that a human being can endure."

In the Western Cape, authorities say the province's road death toll has risen to 142 since the beginning of December.

Provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa said the figure was 15 fatalities more than what was recorded last year.

He also warned that traffic officers would clamp-down on all road offenders.

"We will take no nonsense when it comes to anybody endangering anybody's life."

Africa said speedsters, drunk drivers and other road offenders would face prosecution.

Meanwhile, City of Cape Town spokesperson JP Smith said dozens of fines had been issued in recent days to motorists who were found not to be fastening their seat belts.

"It's disappointing that there are so many people out there to be found to fine in the first place."