'Syria forces using chemical weapons'

An NGO says it has reason to believe Syrian forces are using chemical weapons in their attacks.

A Syrian rebel fighter fires at Govt forces. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The Gift of the Givers Foundation said on Monday it believes the Syrian government is using chemical weapons on civilians.

The Non-government Organisation (NGO) returned from a humanitarian visit to the war-torn country last week, where it helped set up a hospital.

President Bashar Al-Assad's regime has consistently denied it has chemical weapons.

However, at the weekend Russia said Syria has such warheads, but Al-Assad is safeguarding them from falling into the wrong hands.

Gift of the Givers' Imtiaz Sooliman said, "For the first time the Syrian people are saying that the damage by bombs is very different, they are getting body burns, which they had never gotten before. It seems the Syrian army is now using chemical weapons.

For 21 months they never mentioned that, but now in the last instances they mentioned that the bombs being used are very different."