Modise’s Christmas message

North West Premier thanks religious and traditional leaders for their influence after the Marikana tragedy.

Marikana miners wait for religious leaders to address them. Picture: Andrea van Wyk/EWN.

NORTH WEST - North West Premier Thandi Modise has thanked religious leaders for intervening in wage negotiations following the marikana tragedy in 2012.

In her Christmas message, Modise remembered all the miners who lost their lives during the nearly two month long unprotected strike.

Her spokesman Lesiba Kgwele said, " She remembers with anguish the bloodshed and tears that were shed in the aftermath of the Marikana tragedy."

The Premier also conveyed her gratitude to church leaders under the guidance of the South African Council of Churches.

Modise also paid tribute to traditional leaders for playing a significant role in the aftermath of the tragedy.